A night at the ballet

Oh, I felt so boujee writing that title.

When I saw the Hippodrome were advertising the Romeo and Juliet Ballet, I could not resist. This was the perfect new thing to try!

Booking the tickets was a bit of a rude awakening not going to lie. I am used to going to the cinema, so when I saw the prices per seat, I could hear my bank account weeping. Still I was committed and my next task was trying to understand the seating. I was so nervous I would book a seat where I couldn't see well, but after some quick research on some forums, I settled for the Front Circle. Row M to be precise.

My NEXT task was outfit. I was going to dress up, oh yes. I immediately thought of a green asymmetrical dress my sister owns and I have some pretty green earrings to match. So next time I was over, I secured the dress. I paired the dress and earrings with some heels and a cute leather jacket and this was it, this was the outfit. Classy with a touch of edge. I felt I looked the part.

On the night, I arrived a tad early, cough 45 mins cough, but it was fine as I took the chance to go inside and soak in everything as it was my first time at the Hippodrome too!

Masks were mandatory at the event. I mean I hadn't worn a mask since they went optional so I had forgot how to breathe properly with such a restriction. This meant throughout the night I had to whip down my mask and actually BREATHE then go back to complying. Sorry for anyone who witnessed this. Your girl was struggling.

Inside there was an opportunity to head to the bar and grab a drink or snack. I visited the toilet so I could enjoy the show in peace. I also took the chance to look around and take my numerous pictures and videos. It's a must.

45 mins later and my friend arrived which was actually perfect timing as were now ready to be seated. The seats were TINY! Thank god, I did not don my big furry coat like I was going to. I was literally on top of the person next to me. God forbid, I wanted to reposition or stretch my legs. Could forget about that. If I got pins and needles, I could not so much as tap my foot to get rid of it, I would just have to live with that fate. And THANK GOODNESS, I visited the loo beforehand.

The show was 2 hours, 50 minutes long including 2 intermissions. It began with the orchestra opening with some music. Now this is where my confusion and lack of experience kicked in. As illustrated by the picture below, I thought where the orchestra were positioned is where the stage for the ballet was and from where our seats were, I couldn't see a thing apart from the first row of the orchestra. Much to my annoyance, no one else seated by me seemed annoyed by this. I thought everyone had just accepted we were the peasants in this situation and should have forked out for the front or rear stalls if we wanted the ground level full viewing experience. But alas, I was mistaken. It wasn't a travesty after all. After a few minutes, the blue sky, castle scene screen ahead of us lifted to reveal the actual grand and huge stage, perfectly eye level with me.

The performance commenced, and what a marvel! It was so absolutely breath-taking. From the dances, to the storytelling, to the backdrops, to the transitions, to the live music... I had to remember to breathe and not because of my mask this time! Suddenly the price had paid seemed like an actual bargain. I understood exactly why it was priced as such as this was an experience like no other, DEFINETLY a step up from the Cineworld on Broad Street any way. And oh, that chemistry between Romeo and Juliet - undeniable. For someone who is an overthinker, I forgot the world for the next 2 hours, 50 minutes. Well, at least until the first intermission. All I focused on was the visually pleasing art in front of me.

In the intermission, I got a packet of crisps as I was worried about my stomach rumbling but what was I thinking, as the crunch crunch from me consuming the crisps was far worse. Me and my friend also gushed about how amazing the performance had been so far.

2 hours, 50 minutes flew by and before we know it, the tragic ending had arrived.

We erupted into applause, whilst the cast members came out one by one to take their bows. As they should, they were faultless. I still cannot comprehend how they executed every single move so effortlessly, so gracefully. I could never. The hours of dedication and practise that must take, I felt so honoured to be privy to it.

After that experience, I am now more excited than ever for my next new thing! Whatever that might be, eek.

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