A visit to Karaoke Box

Now this is something new my sister has been pestering me to do and I was more than happy to be oblige.

I made a booking at Karaoke Box in the city centre for the following day (eager beaver) and immediately began channelling my inner Mariah Carey.

We rocked up at noon and were escorted to our own private room complete with a karaoke system. We didn't waste any time in searching for all our favourite tunes and were delighted they were ALL available. The selection of songs was impressive. For all my desi girls, they even had Tum Hi Ho and other Bollywood classics. I for sure got in to my feels.

Now we assumed the rooms were all solidly sound proofed however, when I went to the toilet I realised this wasn't quite the case. We were near the entrance and reception area, so everyone in this region could definitely hear us. My uncle who arrived outside the venue at the end to meet us confirmed this. I refrained from telling my shy sister and cousins this information, as to not put them off as they were confident they could scream to the top of their lungs without anyone outside the 4 walls hearing. Haha. No amount of soundproofing could mask them.

I also refrained from telling them their was CCTV camera in the room. I mean this was a given but they are so innocent. I let them boogie and make their dramatic facial expressions without the fear of anyone watching.

Disclaimer: I did reveal to them at the end however that these circumstances had been the case but they were uncharacteristically unbothered. Still channelling Beyoncé I assume.

For the next hour, we sang our hearts out to every song and it felt SO good. Me and my auntie as the eldest took a trip down memory lane playing classics by Dido. Black eyed peas and Blue - one love, anyone? Then we switched to a bit of Swift and a bit of Grande to keep all ages happy.

We were only given 2 microphones between the 6 of us but it's fine, we worked with this. We had the cheerleader audience and the two superstars. We had the backup singers and the two superstars. We had the backup dancers and the two superstars. There was a lot of variations.

My auntie and sister kind of took the spotlight with their above average singing voices. I get it, I suck. No one wanted to go sing after them.

Although, it was only when I watched my snapchats back I realised the true extent of my lack of singing ability. It was so humorous as I was clearly pouring my heart and soul in to every word. I mean A plus for effort. I have always wondered how horrendous acts go on X Factor like surely they must know they can't sing? But I take this judgement back because I too could have been a victim of this before I heard this playback. But oh well, my new philosophy is: if you can't sing, sing LOUDER.

Karaoke Box surpassed my expectations in the sense I had a way better time than I thought I would from singing a few songs. This activity is honestly a stress buster and tension reliever. Even after, as we continued our day in town, we were all in high spirits like we had taken happy happy pills.

Also, my next car karaoke session is going to blow minds. MINDS, I TELL YOU. But for the time being, I will keep my day job.

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