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Chai and Crumbs

So I was umm-ing and uhh-ing about writing this blog post because I kind of want to gatekeep it for myself but then I realised I don't gatekeep. So here's me being a better person.

After walking around the city centre for half hour (Broad Street/Brindley Place/Mailbox ends to be precise), me and my auntie were yet to find a café that peaked our interest. We were looking for something a bit special and different, something we perhaps haven't tried before. Then my auntie had a brainwave and mentioned this hidden gem café she had come across earlier that month. As soon as she mentioned the name, I knew I was going to love it.

We set off on a brisk walk and reached the Waterfront Walk where the café is located and it really did not disappoint. Even before going in, I had my camera out to snap the cute, cheeky and inviting sign at the door.

Once in, it was such a pretty sight! The café is covered in colourful flowers that make it very easy on the eye. The seating areas themselves are decorated to the brim with flowers and other knick knacks too. For example we chose to sit in the yellow area, which I later found out is called the 'bee area' for it is full of, not only flowers, but - you got it - bees carefully placed around the decor. Check out my Tiktok to see a glimpse!

We were greeted right away once in by a friendly waitress and owner and given three menus. One menu was the hot drinks menu which had on there lots of tempting options. There was even a peanut butter hot chocolate which would have really excited me if it was not for the fact I hate peanut butter... but I admired the originality all the same. The second menu is what made me sure I would be back for I had never seen this anywhere else. It was called the sober menu (the café is completely alcohol free and halal btw) which features non alcoholic versions of popular alcoholic drinks. For example, they have a Pink London G&T, Festival Spritz and Salted Caramel Expresso Martini. Perfect if you are celebrating or want to try something new as opposed to a regular soft drink or mocktail. They even have non alcoholic wine if you want to be a bit sophisticated. I was fixated on this menu for some time for obvious reasons. The third menu was the food menu, which to be honest, I did not really look at because 1. I was completely full and 2. the other menus made me far too excited. My auntie did look at this menu and was spoilt for choice. She read out to me some of the unique options, although in the end she went for the avocado and toast.

I also played it safe on this occasion despite my giddiness over the sober menu, I think I will have to come back for that. Instead I got a normal milk hot chocolate and also a coke because is it just me who needs a hot drink and cold drink at once? I can already hear my mums voice in my ear advising me against this but this is as daring as life gets for me. But yes, I got the least blog and Instagram worthy items. I'm still getting the knack of this.

Our drinks and food arrived quite quickly, which was great. Again the waitress was very attentive and offered us all the extras we would need to really enjoy our drinks and food.

The café is hidden away which means it is quiet if you want to come read, work or have a proper conversation without getting drowned out or overheard. Even if it is busy, there is enough privacy and calmness compared to your local Starbucks or Costa. Our purpose was to discuss the book we had been reading as have started our very own book club consisting of just the two of us. This was the perfect place for us to have a real discussion.

We kind of lost track of time and only when the owner came over was we realised it was five mins to closing time. However she hadn't come to usher us out. In fact, she told us not to rush and take our time. We had a lovely chat with her about the café and some even more exciting additions she will be bringing to the menu (watch this space). I really loved this personal touch and gave the café a very homey feel once again. I really think it is the people who make a business and this was the case... in this case... how do I word this properly? I currently have my 'just finished my 9-5' brain on.

On the way out, I had to stop by the massive, furry red wings feature the café has. You know the kind, perfect to take pictures in front off which I saw several people do.

So... as much as I wanted to keep this café my own secret and oasis, you can see why I had to share it with you all. Do pay a visit next time you are in town for bite or a drink (of all varieties) and support your local, independent cafes.

Looking forward to seeing all the red angels!

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