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Date night at Dilbar

First date night since I made my pact, it only made sense to try something new. The choice: Dilbar on Broad Street, Birmingham. Starting of nice and easy with a dinner date but I had no idea what to expect as not only had neither of us been there before but no one I knew had either. So, it was the unknown - we were walking in blind. I didn't even look at one review... I know!

Didn't get of to the best start. No fault of Dilbar, simply because hubby was late from work - 7.30pm reservation turned in to an 8.30pm reservation but the restaurant were more than pleasant about this. I spent the hour embodying the stereotypical 'wife of a workaholic' character from movies for dramatic effect.

8.30pm on the dot, we arrived. The restaurant venue itself though alarmingly quite empty was scenic featuring palm trees and glam chandeliers.

We of course ordered mocktails and they had such a unique selection. I opted for the mocktail 'Dilbar Delight' whilst hubby went for the 'Dilbar Touch'. His of course was more delicious, -sigh- ...it wouldn't be a date night if what he got wasn't tastier. It had layers and so depending on how deep you placed the straw, you got a whole different flavour - it was for sure nom. I decided not to ask to swap as I decided I could get away with sneaking in sips instead.

On to food - Dilbar give complimentary poppadum and dips, we skipped starters and went for mains. We got Palak Paneer (my fave) and the 'Special' Daal, with sides of naan.

Food arrived very quickly, and I have to say I have no complaints. It was enjoyable.

Overall, it was actually nice trying something new and I have no regrets but would I go back? Well, despite the staff, location, food and company (if you're reading this hubs) being great... honestly probably not. Living in Birmingham, I am very blessed with the choice of places to eat and I guess this has made me a little bit spoilt. Plus, I am sensing I gave myself a trick question because going back just wouldn't work with my new lifestyle of trying new things and places. I think this is the better answer.

Well, maybe I would go back for that mocktail. For that, I am drooling...

But nonetheless, this restaurant will always be memorable to me because it is the start of my journey of venturing out and trying new things with the 'what is the worst that can happen' attitude, so Dilbar has my Dil (heart)

If you are ever on Broad Street and fancy authentic Indian Cuisine, pop in and try it for yourself.

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