Dinner at Kisaan

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

If you're from the West Midlands, you'll have heard of Farmhouse Grill.

Kisaan, a British Fusion restaurant located in Walsall, was sold to me by my friend (and the whole of social media) as being like Farmhouse Grill Coventry. I immediately made plans to go there with my family.

The restaurant is located in Aldridge. The drive up from Birmingham was a little bit terrifying, having to navigate through tight country roads but my husband had it in the bag. I am just a bit of back seat driver and this was out of depth is all.

Once there, we were seated immediately much to my surprise. Kisaan has been doing the rounds on social media so I thought it would have been super busy so I was pleased there was no waiting time.

We ordered the starter platter for 4, which came complete with flaming wings, desi lamb chops, Goan shrimp and cod fish pakora. Again, this came out fairly quickly and looked heavenly. The lamb chops were a winner all round.

For mains we had (brb lifting the descriptions from the menu) -

1. Desi Kebabish - spicy naga infused kebab and chicken tikka, stir fried with onions and herbs, served with naan. Anyone who knows me knows I love a bit of naga, so I jumped on this option.

2. Meat Kebabish - kebab meet, stir fried with onions and herbs, served with naan. For those with more milder taste buds around the table.

3. Butterfly Parmesan - breaded chicken breast, topped with béchamel and cheese, served on a bed of special rice, dressed with house sauce. But I'm sure we all familiar with this classic dish.

4. Lamb Biryani, served with tarka daal. Again, classic.

We all had a bit of each main as isn't this the best way to have a meal? Plus, I always want to taste everything! I will never turn down a bite. The Kebabish mains was essentially glorified donner kebabs much to our amusement and unfortunately I was not too crazy about the Butterfly Parmesan either. The lamb biryani was the highlight of the mains. It was my mother in law's order, so I had to watch myself but oooooh, she chose well. Also, these restaurants always serve daal with biryani... I say these restaurants, I mean Kisaan and Tamatanga... and I ALWAYS feel super guilty because it goes untouched. I really need to remember to ask for it without.

The restaurant does not take card payment so a trip to the cash point made was needed.

Overall, I cannot fault the service, presentation of food and the interior which featured an impressive art mural. However, I had high expectations regarding the good but it was a bit hit and miss, especially for the slightly more premium price. We all unanimously agreed in a toss up, we would go for Farmhouse Grill. But hey I never just stick to what I know.

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