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Disc Golf at Ackers Adventure

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

So, it's been a few weeks now of trying new things and if I want to keep this up, I realised I will be doing the most obscure of obscure things. This is where I bring in: disc golf.

I am seeing a bit of a recurring theme here in my journey - I NEVER have a clue what the activity or venue is actually like before I turn up. I avoid looking at the website or googling anything about it because I think this makes it all the more exciting... no spoilers please! This is shocking because I normally can never beat my curiosity, I have been known to Wikipedia and read the ending to a movie because I just can't wait -sigh- So best believe, before I visit a place, I normally already know where the toilets are situated, what food they offer if any, what colour the walls are and who the customer favourite staff member is.

At this point, all I knew is that Disc golf is at Ackers Adventure in Birmingham. I had driven past here many times before and far as I knew it was park and I assume a building somewhere on the grounds that hosted activities. Let me tell you, it was quite a drive in. We passed the park and its large green field completely and went down more narrow roads at the back of the park until we reached the Ackers Adventures reception. Phew. I am out of breath just writing this. I didn't realise it was such a HUGE area.

We checked in to the reception which had a small Cafe inside with a selection of food items and drinks for sale. There are also toilet facilities.

I was excited to see the other activities that were advertised on the walls - tubing to archery to canoeing - I already knew I would be back. I even caught a glimpse of the tubing slope and damn it was a lot more steeper then I thought it would be. I started to question whether I want to get out my comfort zone after all. Haha, can you imagine when I go skydiving?! I would love to see that blog post.

We were briefed on what our activity entails. We were given a set of discs, a score sheet and a map that outlined where the nine 'holes' (baskets) are so we could wander from one to the other, completing the golf course.

Time for expectation vs reality.

My expectation had been we were going to be with a group of others, standing in a line and take it in turn to shoot a disc in to basket with someone coaching us... a bit like a school sports day. Therefore, I was pleased with the reality which was a much more sophisticated version and also had a little 'duh' moment - it was golf after all, just instead of golf balls we had discs and instead of holes we had baskets.

The course is situated in a large woodlands area so there is a lot nature to see along the way and makes for a gentle, scenic walk.

We set off to find our first hole. We did not do the holes in order of 1-9, we just did it in the order we stumbled upon them. We probably peaked too early for this reason and did the harder hole for our practise hole, woops.

To locate a hole, you find the yellow post that directs you to where you stand and you throw your disc in order to get it in the basket. Of course it is challenging so you will never get in to the basket with one shot... unless your someone amazing like The Rock. I reckon he could. So you throw it again from where the disc landed, trying to get into the basket in the lowest number of throws. This is how you are scored: on the number of throws. Again, just like rules similar to golf.

My strategy: aim and hope for the best each time. The wind also played a supporting role. We took it in turns throwing and jotting down our scores. My golf scores seemed to be improve significantly when I had the score card... joke...

Half way through, I had a epiphany. I reckon if I could go the Olympics for any sport it would be for disc golf (hypothetically, let's not get in to literals). Not because I am amazing but who even plays disc golf professionally. Ok, I might be showing my ignorance here. I will google this later because there might be a cohort of professional disc golf players for all I know but it is still very much a niche. I don't think I would have much competition... so my chances of being one of the best is likely... if I really put my mind to it. With this new found winners attitude, I really gave it my best. Let's say, I unlocked a new mode. And I did amazing, I blew everyone away... haha, no, I wish, it didn't make much difference.


We worked our way through the course and all in all, it took us just over an hour.

This was even with the fact our discs ended up in the trees on more than few occasions. My husband's clever idea was to get the disc out the tree top by throwing another disc at it, which left us with two discs down. Still, we prospered and played this 'who can get the disc out the tree' mini game alongside our actual disc golf game. No trees were harmed despite the violent shaking that took place.

Scores at the end. Well, see for yourself if you can read the terrible writing but basically, I secured that second place (joint with my sister in law - can I get this in really small font pls). My husband of course came first place but you will find this will be another recurring theme in our more sporty dates so we don't have to give this too much notice. Plus, I am a bit of a sore loser.

Overall, it was a really fun experience which my 13 year old sister in law as well as me and 26 year old husband enjoyed so really the whole family can get involved.

If I am being completely honest, at first I thought can I see myself doing this again or is it a one hit wonder? But then decided I definitely wouldn't turn it down. If someone suggested it or invited me along, I would for sure go. It is a entertaining and unique way to pass time and keep fit and ALL FOR £5 per person. This is enough to make me want to do it again. However for the time being, I am more excited about the prospect of trying out ALL the other activities at Ackers Adventures. Tubing here I come!

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