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E-Sports at Asylum

Another week means more new experiences to be had. This time we decided we needed some stress relief after a long month and so we went to Asylum - an E-Sports and Virtual Reality centre.

And the centre was true to it's name. It was like walking in to a gamer's dream. There was all sorts of racing games and VR setups to try, literally go wild. You could easily spend a long time here without realising.

We experienced the DOF cars and GT unit which was racing with the complete set up - seat, steering wheel, gear sticks - you know the one. If not, refer to the pic below.

I was ready to unleash my inner Lewis Hamilton. If only. I certainly made it obvious I don't yet have a pink license with my poor handling skills. At first I was treating it like colouring - just stay in lines. This sensible, English teacher attitude didn't last long, I let loose. I had so much fun speeding and zooming around the map. A few crashes were bound to happen along the way, all those fences kept swerving in to my lane.

I liked how you can link games so you can race each other, making this the perfect place to go compete with your mates. I came third each time. This also can be translated as I came last each time but it is the taking part that counts! I certainly picked the best car though, good taste is on my side at least.

The staff here are also friendly, attentive and welcoming, even when I needed help because I accidently exited the game for the tenth time, oops, which made the experience even better.

Asylum also has a Café area which sells drinks of all varieties and food which Google tells me is rated quite highly. It is perfect to hang out at between games.

It is safe to say we let go of all the tension accumulated over the week. This is a great place to let you hair down and escape.

We will definitely be back for the VR experience this time, specifically the Zombie VR experience.

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