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Fancy dress murder mystery but make it outdoors

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

I decided to go on a whim with this one.

I saw an event advertised for an outdoor murder mystery game with the dress code: witches and wizards. This was for sure something new. Undebatable. Not only was it murder mystery which I had never done but it was outdoors and not only was it outdoors but it was fancy dress. My 'trying new things' radar was going off. But then I also saw the time. It was taking place the next day. Was I prepared? Er. no. Did I press 'attending'? Er, yes, because I am dedicated to the cause.

So, my next problem was - fancy dress. No way did I have the time to arrange a witch outfit with such short notice, not unless I had literal witch powers, so I did the next best thing. I put on a black dress, with a black fedora hat... not quite the pointy hat witches don but I definitely improvised. Plus coupled with the black smoky eye I emotionally blackmailed my MUA sister in to doing on me, I decided I was the glam and boujee witch of the day.

I was ready to leave but the weather was miserable but honestly, I've learnt literal rain checks are not worth it in Britain. I would never be able to do things therefore I have just learnt to embrace and live with it. It also helped that when I donned a black scarf to cover my hair and makeup whilst I walked out in the rain, I realised it made for a great witches hooded cape... this was good.

I arrived to Birmingham city centre and met up with the rest of the group. I mean it was an hour later before all members arrived but let's not dwell on this. We all seemed to have gotten the 'just wear black and you are a witch' memo - there was not a single pointy hat or broomstick amongst us. Maybe D minus for effort on this front.

It was time to begin. A bit about the murder mystery game -it is from CluedUpp Games who host outdoor immersive experiences 'that transform city streets into unmissable adventures'. This is as much as I knew when I arrived. I assumed it would be a hard copy version of the game we would be playing but it was actually all through an app which you download. Very 2021. But not so great for one team member who does not have a smart phone... I know.

One person is assigned the leader of the group who makes the decisions after conferring with the group and the rest of the group are 'support'. The app then guides you through what to do with a story line and map, full of riddles along the way to help you on your quest to find the villain and solve the crime.

It calls for groups of 4 but we decided to do it as on big group of 7. Maybe this is why the experience was a bit like too many cooks spoil the broth...

The game was a lot more intense than I thought it would be. Like I would want the 'for dummies' (or at least beginners) version first. But at the same time, we were a bit chaotic with it. Let's just say, you need to concentrate and really immerse yourself in the experience from the START in order to keep up - a half hearted attitude just will not suffice. Leave that at home.

At first, it was like the blind leading the blind but then we got in to the swing on things. We wandered around town navigating to the points, interviewing suspects, answering riddles and unlocking characters to determine who was guilty or who was not.

Other teams were also taking part independently who we ran in to. Imagine groups of witches and wizards scrambling across town in pursuit of the culprit. It was very Harry Potter. It was hard to not 'accidently' hear their thoughts, hehe.

Did we find the villain and claim victory? We did not finish to be honest. We called it a day after three hours because we had kind of a long way to go still and well, it had been three hours.

We also did not win any of the prizes for any of the categories such as best team name, best team picture or fastest team.

BUT it's the taking part that counts and that definitely was the case here - I am so glad I went and that is the best feeling when you were not sure whether to turn up to something or not. It was SUCH a fun experience to share with friends and got everyone talking. It was also a great way to reconnect with my local city after a long lockdown, I discovered so many places tucked away that I had never come across and now will be visiting. And by places, I mean restaurants. Don't judge me. My steps for the day were also impressive, which is a win win if you are as obsessive as me about getting 10k in everyday.

I would for sure do this again but this time, I would make sure I am invested and attentive from the start so I actually am more CluedUpp in what I am doing.

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