Horror Theatre

I have never been on the theatre but those who have seen my bucket list section on this website will know it has been on there for a long long time. Those that know me know I have wanted to go there for an even longer time.

I saw a play called The Wicked Lady being promoted. It was a horror play and was due to be shown in the Blue Orange Theatre on selected dates. I nabbed tickets to go immediately, especially in the spirit of Halloween.

Only once I sat down in my seat on the night did I think for the first time... what AM I actually thinking? Those who know me know I also try and stay away from horror.

I loved horror for most of my life and really enjoyed movies of this genre. I would plead with friends and family to watch the latest horror movie... but lately I had gone right off horror and become a real weakling in that sense. I do not want to claim ANY negative energy, oh no.

I think living alone doesn't help. Ok, I don't live alone, I live with my husband but this is the closest I have been to living alone. Plus, I am home alone an awful lot whilst he is at work and this is when my mind likes to play tricks on me. It also likes to overthink and make believe the horror movie I just watched is going to come to live in my very home. Not cool.

So for the sake of my own sanity, I stay away from horror and had done so for a while. Until this very moment. Dun dun dun.

It didn't help that the blue orange theatre is a very intimate setting. Even if you book the furthest seat back, you will still be sat close to the stage. There was literally no room to hide. But I convinced myself, it is just a play being acted by actors/actresses... how scary can it be? I think I could hack this. There is only so much production they can do to make a ghost seem so vivid that the imagery would stay in my mind and haunt me. So in that respect, I was fine. I just hoped there was no jump scares, my reaction to those I cannot control. That reminds me. Note: never eat popcorn whilst watching a horror movie with plentiful jump scares.

So before the movie started, I had given myself the big girl talk and consoled myself. It was only afterwards I discovered that the play was based on real life historical characters, inspired by the gripping mystery surround the 17th century, real-life highway woman Katherine Ferrers. Serious gulp. If I had known this before watching the play, I may have gripped my seat a little tighter.

The play began and I braced myself. To build the eerie atmosphere, actor/narrator announced that if we left the theatre, we would not be able to return, that we were now trapped here in the theatre. Apart from discarding my human rights, this made it all the more terrifying. A sense of doom fell over everyone.

The story line unfolded. I wont give away any of the plays secrets but what a story line it was! I was hooked and also immediately fell in love with the lead female's character who was independent and straight talking. I was here for it.

I found myself immersed in the experience so that when the intermission came, I had to snap myself back to reality. During the intermission, there was an excited and nervous buzz in the room about what was to come... let's just say we had been left on a real cliff hanger, folks. I took this chance to get in a sneaky pic of the set.

Soon the lights went down again and the second half was even better, we were right in the thick of the haunted happenings now. The audience squealed, screamed, gasped and there was A LOT of nervous laughter. I was really pleased everyone was as equally frightened as me.

Before I knew it, the play was over and I was really chuffed I had been able to sit through it and ACTUALLY enjoy it rather than wish it over. The whole experience really and truly surpassed my expectations. The audience was made to feel as part of the action. Also, can we take a moment for the main actor and actress - seriously how are they not on the big screen? They were absolutely amazing.

From a moral standpoint, I shant go in to any detail about the play -sigh- but as the artistic director of the play put: 'this ghost story has all of the ingredients - the isolated house, the hidden secrets and the intrigue about ghosts and the afterlife'.

Even if you are a weak hearted soul like me, I would recommend you to try a bit of horror theatre for yourself... if you dare.

For now, I am off to call my husband... or mum, who ever answers... because I am home alone, it is dark and I have just finished a blog post on horror.

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