Late night visit to Spice Hut

Probably not the wisest thing. A late night visit to Spice Hut. You don't want to have spicy food before bed time. However it just so happened our day was super busy and we got super delayed but we were still determined to visit Spice Hut. In hindsight, we should have waited. We should have waited for a more appropriate mid day visit to Spice Hut.

There is a Spice Hut down South which my husband has already frequented so he was super excited to try out the Birmingham branch when he discovered it was opening. I was super excited too because well, I just love food. Especially spicy food. Especially Naga spicy. We are probably outcasts in our respective families due to this love, we are the only two to dabble in Naga.

The Spice Hut is on Coventry Road and as it had only opened a week prior, there was still a queue starting from outside the shop because everyone in Birmingham seemed to have the same idea and cravings as us.

We shamelessly took our places in the queue. I mean it would be rude not to, having come all this way. We decided to order the Naga donner in Naan with fries and some Naga wings because again, it would be rude not to. Then we patiently waited. We patiently waited 30 minutes until our turn to place our order, then another 30 minutes whilst our order to be made and ready.

An hour late, we were zooming it home so we could enjoy the heavenly food in the luxury of our home whilst it was still hot and fresh. For legal purposes, when I say zooming, this was at the speed limit at all times.

We sat down and literally inhaled the food. It was that delicious, saucy and the Naga did not disappoint. I was dying from the heat which is exactly what I want to be doing whilst I enjoy my food, bliss. Everything was spot on which is credible given it is a new place, I was leaving some room for error but fortunately, there was none.

We were super hungry by this point so to to be honest, the whole meal was kind of pretty much over before it started although we had leftovers.

The following morning, with the leftovers we decided to mix it up a little and create a Naga donner omelette. My husband is a very experimental chef and I am here for it. I mean I was a bit sceptical but the outcome was absolutely divine. Chef's kisses all around. I will be posting this creation on my Tiktok soon so check it out.

Overall, did we have stomach problems all night due to the spice? Yes. Was it worth it? Yes. With our post-meal and full stomach clarity, was it worth it? Still, yes.

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