Lunch at The Firm

The Firm - sounds intense right?! But this is a friendly, new(ish) gangster themed restaurant on Ladypool Road in Birmingham.

I was seeing the girlfriends after a while and we wanted somewhere new - it was between The Firm, Ines and Etci Mehmet.

After trawling through Tiktoks for the restaurants (I carry out a lot of my informal research on Tiktok, don't judge me) we decided on the The Firm. Aside from the great reviews, I was sold by the fact they have The Urban Tea House situated within which has a mouth watering selection of Bubble Teas - yum! In fact I ordered one right away using UberEats, clearly no patience whatsoever. Sorry, not sorry. I went for the the Brown Sugar Milk Tea which is basically Tiger Tea - and oh god, it was heavenly. I cannot tell you how made up I am that there is a decent Bubble Tea close by... no need to go all the way in to town to satisfy my bubble tea needs here on out. It was a good day.

After hyping the girls up even more with my review of how GORGEOUS the bubble tea is, off we went to the restaurant two days later.

I was first to arrive at all and took it upon myself to take shots of the restaurant interior which is very pretty. In fact, they have a whole waiting section that they call the 'Green Room' and not only is it decorated but girls... it is complete with ring lights. The perfect excuse to sneak in a selfie, or a whole photoshoot with your friends... when they arrive. If you love a good picture opportunity, this is for you! Head on over to my Tiktok to see it. BUT on the flip side, alongside the general prettiness, the walls are lined up with pictures of famous gangsters, in line with the restaurants theme. Yep, Scarface featured. Get you a restaurant that does both!

Soon my friends arrived and we were seated.

The menu ranges from steaks to burgers to pastas. We all opted for steaks with fried onions, peppercorn sauce and mash or chips! There were order side options too but we went with these classic faves. We were told it would be a wait before this was ready as the chef had just arrived so we ordered some starters - Nachos and dough balls. Yum, carbs galore.

We also ordered some mocktails and they did not disappoint. I had the Shirley Temple and I pretty much downed it, not going to lie. As that didn't last long, I got a coke to keep me going. The presentation of the mocktails themselves was picturesque, with smoke for days, a massive popping bubble and basically all the frills. I don't know any of the technical terms, but I was here for it.

The starters were as expected and kept us going until the main arrived. I am not huge on starters, I'm that person who just jumps to the mains but these starters showed me what I was missing.

The main was a little disappointing as I had high hopes. The sauce and mash was pleasing but it is hard to do a perfect steak consistently and perfectly to someone's taste... unless you are a specialist dedicated steakhouse I guess. And we were quite full at this point! Still we managed to consume at least half each.

I think next time I will opt for a burger. The table next to us got burgers and they looked ten ten.

On to the Bubble Teas - the most awaited moment of the meal. Plot twist: after all the build up to the bubble tea, we didn't actually order it on this occasion. Shock! Instead we went and finished the meal with a more light option: Dirty Karak Chais from Chaiiology.

I am looking forward to going back as I NEED to try their pastas and burgers... like now. Also, we all know I'm a sucker for a good mocktail!

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