Night of Vocals Summer Tour

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

My auntie kindly bought me a ticket to attend the Night of Vocals Summer event with her and I took this as my latest new experience to dabble in.

The leaflet promised it would be 'the perfect end to Summer 2021'. Ok, I wasn't ready to say good bye to Summer yet but I was sold by the next line 'join us for an epic, fun packed night of entertainment'. Anything featuring the word epic is an easy sell, plus like I said... my auntie had already bought me a ticket. I was going.

The show was to feature global artists such as 'Ashley Belal Chin, llyas Mo and Siedd'. These were all new artists to me so I was interested to learn more about them and their music.

The evening started off poorly. I only had half hour to leave the house after a hard day of working at home. Yes, I used hard and working at home in the same sentence. This rush resulted in me jumping in to my Uber with my red slippers on and I only realised once I was half way there. This did not fit my efforts to look presentable for the evening. Luckily my auntie was still to leave and came to my rescue, bringing along for me more suitable footwear to change in to. I was still left holding a carrier bag carrying my slippers but hey ho. I more looked like I had my life together at this point. Can someone tell me if this sentence makes grammatical sense? Your girl is brain dead. (After a long hard day working at home).

Arriving at the venue, we realised there was an array of food on offer to buy which we gladly stepped in line for. I purchased samosas (I wont say how many), biryani and some gooey choc brownies. I would like to mention at this point that the event was for charity (Human Appeal) and this is where all the proceeds would go. So, of course, this is why I purchased a mini banquet of food, in order to be charitable, rather than to satisfy my greed. I guess this is also why the food cost an eye-watering amount but again hey ho. Let's not go there.

Our dash for food meant when we entered the main hall to be seated, there were no seats. We must have walked around for a good ten minutes trying to scout for a seat that wasn't taken or 'taken' in some cases as we were told by people when we tried to grab the few empty seats. Eventually, we were sat down but alas, we were separated.

Nonetheless, that did not stop me from enjoying the start of the show kicked of by Labbayk, a London based nasheed group.

Ten minutes in and I was seated next to my auntie right at the front of the ladies section. The event was segregated for religious reasons fyi. I felt like a VIP, we had the best seats in the house. In the Ladies' house at least. Now the show could really begin.

The artists came on one by one and I was blown away by their talents and diversity from Arabic vocals to English vocals to pop beats to Caribbean beats. I was even more blown away when I realised due to religious reasons, there was no instruments used. The backing 'instruments' were in fact created by the vocals of the artists and just edited as such to form a gorgeous smooth melody. We got a demonstration of this to prove it and even then it was hard to believe!

The audience sang along to each song and boy, did I wish I knew the lyrics. There should be a word to describe the feeling when you are really feeling a song and want to sing along with all your heart but cant as you don't know the words. I was freestyling for the most part but when that chorus came up, I owned that.

The show was super interactive with the artists inviting on stage the young ones to join in who were so hyped and brought the energy. Ashley Belal Chin even led a rap battle between two adorable kids and the audience's encouragement and support was through the roof. I felt so -happy sigh- to be part of something so wholesome.

Mid way through the night, there was a break but I did not dare leave my seat after the struggle it took to find it. We stayed firmly put and shamelessly took some selfies, as you do.

As I mentioned the night was for charity so naturally there was an appeal right after the break. We were shown quite graphic videos and stories of those suffering in third world countries. It was not for the faint-hearted. But it seemed to do the trick, as the audience were oh so generous in their donations and a good amount was raised.

There was also quiz all about Birmingham where I learnt just how little facts I do know about Birmingham. Safe to say I did not make the live leader board that was on display. The winner was handed over a £100 cash prize which they handed right back in donation to the charity. My heart.

The night overran past the kids bedtimes but ended on a high with Siedd closing.

All in all, this was such a good experience and my dopamine levels were certainly raised. I was humming 'where is the love' (one of the songs) all night. And it was all for a good cause.

There is a Night of Vocals Winter edition which I have already mentally signed up to go to and also invited some friends. This time I will just have to make sure I prioritise getting a seat over food.

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