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Out with the old, in with the new

Do you suddenly have a new found lease of life?

You are not alone sis.

It is 2021 and every other person I meet wants out of their comfort zone. And I do not blame them! In fact, I am them. Them is me. I want to try everything. And I mean everything. It actually just dawned on me that at the age of 26, I have never been ice-skating or even swimming. Of course, I must fix this immediately.

So, that's what I'm going to do. I am on a mission now to live life differently now and experience as many new things as I can. From the little to big... despite any reservations I might have. I have already been looking at what there is out there and life got a whole lot more exciting - I cannot wait to dive in. Plus, I now have serious FOMO.

One huge step out of my comfort zone is this very blog where I plan to document and blog my experiences with complete honesty, no holding back. This is for my own reflection but also to inspire you and to give you the best ideas of things you can also try to switch it up... starting now.

So, get uncomfortable and join me on my journey.

Here goes nothing. (but everything)

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