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Playing good new darts at 180 Club

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

What do you do when you have an hour to kill in central Birmingham? Go play some good old darts at the 180 Club! Or at least I thought it would be good 'old' darts... but what awaited me was even better.

We rocked up at the venue and ordered some lemonade and pineapple juice to quench the thirst that would follow. Then we got straight down to business.

We were escorted underground to our own section in a room which has six dart lanes in total.

There I was expecting a classic board and some darts, a bit of an EastEnders vibe, but this was darts with a modern twist. It was very cool, kids. The dart board is linked to a machine with a range of interactive games you can play. Call me sheltered, but I did not know something like this existed, it surpassed my expectations. Now, I was even more excited.

We skimmed through the games and their rules and selected the first game that took our fancy. It was a simple darts game where you hit anywhere on the board to score points (or in my case in the general direction of the dart board) which is then added to your overall score and whoever has the highest score at the end - wins. Simple enough.

Now, I am a complete novice and so I was here for social darts purposes but my competitive streak came out when I realised I wasn't as bad as I thought I would be - I was actually hitting the board. Todays forecast turned in to: 100% change of winning.

(Just for full disclosure purposes, I did not win... any of the games. In fact, I just double checked with my husband whether I won any games because I am forever optimistic and his response was a deadpan 'you won absolutely zero'. I appreciate his soft and gentle delivery. He may have also went on about how he tried to let me win one by purposefully playing badly, but I did not entertain this conversation)

We then played some of the other games such as 'Killer' where you hit your assigned numbers to become a killer to eliminate the other player from the game. Again, simple enough however, it took us to the third round to realise we were playing it wrong. Dumb vs dumber.

An hour flew by, I was 100% invested and then we were timed out. Drat.

We left in high spirits. I genuinely had so much fun and this I am 100% sure of as I said this several times on the drive home. No need for my husband to confirm.

Hands down, this venue is a such a fresh concept and was the real winner in my eyes. So walk, don't run to 180 Darts... especially if you need therapy.

This is somewhere I would definitely go back to myself and take my dad too... and my little brother, both generations would equally love this!

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