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Takeout from Ozzy's (Stratford Road, Birmingham)

We had spotted a new burger place opened on Stratford road with our eagle foodie eyes. Of course, we had to pay a visit in the name of supporting local businesses (and feeding in to our burger cravings). I mean we were not even due a takeaway... we try to limit ourselves... but it would have been rude not to.

We arrived at the venue and I was pleasantly surprised. I could see from the get go the amount of work that had been put in to launching this eatery... all the little details were clear from the interior design to the colours to the branded items to the kitchen setting. I could appreciate the thought that had been put in to bringing this place to launch, it felt like a complete brand rather than just your average new burger place.

We were acknowledged straight away by the staff and as we were going to take out, we were handed a menu and took a seat in the pretty waiting area (again, well thought out) to browse. There was a good selection for burger lovers and my attention immediately went to the 'best of both worlds' burger - a combination of beef patties and chicken fillet. We got three of these in total (for family members) and husband went for the Ozzy Special... well, I think it was called this, I cannot 100% recall but it came with turkey rashers, egg and nacho cheese sauce.

The burgers do not come with a meal options so we got two portions of steak chips as additional items. The food was prepared fairly quickly and handed over to us in beautiful blue bags in line with the Ozzy's branding. We were also handed plentiful of sauces.

Once home we opened up our burgers and got stuck in. Yay, the burgers were super tasty! I was a happy girl. The quality of the meat was also there. Even my mother-in-law who has high standards when it comes to meat and chicken remarked how the meat was better than other places - 'it doesn't have that smell'.

Also, I'm not a fan of chips, they are a bit 'whatever'. I much prefer fries. But even the chips were above average. I'm also not a fan of sauces, but the house special sauce was honestly one of the best I had tasted. I never give sauces much notice but I realised how a good sauce can take a meal up a notch, do not estimate the power of a good house sauce. I became a serial dipper this meal.

The burger was super filling, I only managed to finish it because I literally did not want to put it down. My husband on the other hand who has a bit more self control saved his remaining burger for later. We all had full tummies and were ready for a nap.

All in all, I had a really good experience at Ozzy's. I am always sceptical about trying new food places as I find the quality is not always there and naturally there are teething problems but the chance we took with Ozzy's paid off. It even got the MIL approval!

I believe it is a family business and the friendly customer service spoke volumes about this family - they came across very well. The kind of people who you just wish the best for in their new business venture though they are strangers.

So here's to more burgers!

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