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The Milkcake Man

Forget the milk man, that is so 19th century, let me put you on to The Milkcake Man - the cutest dessert shop on the Kings Heath high street (it's very pink!)

Normally I like to build myself up before a visit to such a desired location. Yes, I am that girl who waits all day for the perfect moment to enjoy a bar of chocolate. So, when my hubby suggested we go there with not even an hours notice, the inner Virgo in me was like on a school night?! but of course, the new YES queen in me was like LET'S GOOOO. There had also been a significant absence of desert in my life recently.

Contrary to what I have seen on Tiktok, fortunately it was not that busy when we arrived. We waited approximately 10 minutes for a seat although my husband insisted this is busy for Kings Heath high street. I'm more cup half full!

We sat down and I was spoilt for choice. The menu is short (but sweet, sorry I never miss) but just enough options so there's something for everyone. They have a small selection of each of the following: milk cakes, mocktails, ice cream, french toast, taco pankcakes and Spanish iced lattes.

I, a avid lover of milk cakes, on the way there said I wouldn't have a milk cake because I was quite full from dinner. However I revisited this decision once there and decided having a milk cake would be the right thing to do. What wasn't the right thing to do was to opt for the 24k Saffron milk cake knowing full well I am more of Biscoff or Nutella fan. This was down to the diva in me who saw that the Saffron one was the only one featuring 24k gold. Please, I just wanted to be boujee at this boujee place. I left plain and simple me at the door.

Don't get me wrong, the 24k Saffron was made to perfection and my boujee dreams definitely came true but for me, Biscoff is always the winner.

My husband and sis-in-law both got the ice cream Cherry Blossom which was described as 'an ice cream base with chocolate soil and cotton candy wrapped around a flake'. Not that I needed to read the description, I had seen this beauty all over social media.

Our desserts came fairly quickly, I want to say another 10 minute wait?

The presentation was for sure on point, my photography skills cannot do the desserts justice. They were very oh la la.

I stole a few bites from Hubby and the combination of the ice cream with the candy floss is such a great creation. If only I could get my Mcflurry with a side of candy floss.

Service was pleasant, no complaints. Venue was cute and the desserts did not disappoint. You get what you pay for plus a bit of sparkle.

All in all, this is definitely a hidden treasure on the High Street that you need to visit at least once. I am already looking forward to going again to try the Spanish Lattes.

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