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Tubing at Ackers Adventure

Photo Credit: Ackers Adventure

I said I would be back at Ackers Adventure, didn't I? Let this tell you that I always stick by what I say. No but really, I was super excited to be back. And this time for - drumroll - TUBING. Eeeeeeeeeeeek.

I had an imprint of the massive tubing slope in my brain from the last time I was here. As soon as we pulled in the car park, I had to do that classic movie gulp as I realised I would now be going to the top of said massive slope and making my way down via tubing. I take health and safety very seriously being the Virgo I am and I had a few concerns... concerns... let's call them questions. Like, is there really categorically no way I would tip out of the 'tube' on the way down? Wait. Is it even called a tube? It looks more like a ring to me. But I can foresee the confusion if it was called ringing.

We signed in then sat down ready and eager for our brief. The instructor, who's name I have forgotten but I will call Dave because he looked like a Dave, talked us through some instructions. Then we grabbed our tubes of choice and we were off.

So this picture of my tube confirms or at least suggests that it is in fact called a tube. Glad we half cleared that up without having to resort to Google.

Now, the hardest part about tubing was not the descent down. That was all sunshine and rainbows once I did it the first time. It was the walk up to the top of the slope, dragging your tube behind you. It was a workout. We were outside and it was a chilly, winters day but let me tell you, my fur coat was off within minutes and I did the rest of the activity in all but a t-shirt and oversized, thin shirt. Let me also tell you my husband opted out after 20 minutes, as his abs had had enough. This meant gym was off the cards for the night, we definitely hit two birds with one stone with this activity. Winner.

Once we were at the top of the slope and spent all but 30 seconds catching our breath each time (time is precious when you only have a 30 min booking) we had to position our tubes carefully behind us so we could sit and go down safely. This I kept getting wrong. It was a simple 2 step instruction but... can I blame nerves? But the part I remember is you plonk yourself down, grab the handles and off you go.

Dave gave us a helping push to get us going and down I went. It was a cold and icy day, so I went down with a speed that surprised me and meant each time I nearly touched (crashed into) the wall of the building below. I exaggerate when I say nearly, it was a safe distance but it was still a thrill.

Dave gave us some different techniques to get down. We could all go down as a group by holding each others handles. 8/10, would do again. We could opt to take the course with a bump in the middle, which I swear gave me whiplash but this is perhaps, entirely my fault for once again not following instructions to lift my bum of the ground when I got there. 6/10, would still do again. Then there was the spin method, which basically entailed Dave spinning our tube so we go... you got it... spinning down the whole way. This was fun! 10/10, would recommend. I was shreiking with glee the whole way down. In fact, Dave asked me when I came back if I wee-ed on the way down. I was taken aback by this suggestion, I thought he meant in the impolite way, so of course, I denied this with utter shock but then quickly realised he meant more like shrieked aid 'weeeeeeeee' than... what I initially thought.

I was convinced I was the fastest and even proclaimed this, taking all credit but was very quickly shut down and told I was just using the furthest and least worn down part of the slope compared to everyone. Still, there's a top tip for you!

Before we knew it, our time was up but what fun it had been. Much more fun than the half hour I spent watching EastEnders on a Thursday evening. We all thoroughly enjoyed it. Massive thanks to Dave for making our experience all the more super.

People of Birmingham, you must go tubing at Ackers Adventure this winter (and take me with you!)

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